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where tradition meets taste in the heart of Akkar

Our cooperative specializes in creating authentic Lebanese Mouneh

Each jar is a testament to our commitment to natural ingredients

Why choose our products?


Indulge in the pure flavors of Lebanon with our all natural Mouneh, free from artificial additives, colors, and flavors.


Each purchase supports local farmers and artisans, fostering job creation and sustainable development in Akkar.

Heritage in Every Bite:

Our products are a homage to Lebanese traditions, made with techniques passed down through generations.

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+961 81 067 256

Providing premium moune since 1983

Explore our range, learn our story, and bring the authentic taste of Lebanon to your home.

Our standards depends on the quality of the products we provide

Products Range

We supply all types of product from makdous to zaatar and much more

Quality Matters

Our standards depends on the quality of the products we provide


The best thing we concitrate in our buisiness is the satisfaction of our costumers

Safe Shipping

All shipments are safe to go to all lebanon with the full protection with our best drivers

High-quality Moune

Our numbers prove the constant improvement in the quality of our products

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I'm stunned By the efficiency of this company they are pro and one of the best I worked with or bought from
Osman Farha

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